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Dear Entrepreneur,

If you've been trying to get your business online for awhile, you've no doubt discovered that there's a lot of information out there... a lot of recommendations about what to do and how to do it around the technology hassles involved in setting up the various aspects of your online business. 

You've probably experienced the frustration of wondering if you'd ever find simple, easy to follow directions that made sense and didn't make you wade through hours of audio and video or scroll through pages and pages of text. 

You might even have gotten so frustrated that you are either ready to just give up... or pay tons of money and have someone else do it all for you.

To get to where you are now, you have probably spent more time than necessary, even when doing the simplest of tasks. 

In Fact, I'd Wager That It's Taken You 10 Times Longer Than It Should Have,
Only Because You Don't Know The Steps You Need To Take...
or How to Do Them the Right Way!

I'm right there with you. This story? It's mine. 

Mine, and also the story of countless thousands of beginning and intermediate entrepreneurs.

You see, a few years ago I was trying to figure this all out myself. My husband, Mynders, was a real estate developer with a hot project and no time to work on an internet business. I was a psychologist struggling with having only small amounts of time to spend on my business. 

I'd just get started on a task and then get stuck on some tiny little software glitch, or I'd have a question that should have been simple to answer. But it wasn't! 

Hours, even days, were wasted in searching for the answers. 

And while I was struggling to figure out how to do the thing, or fix the disaster I had accidentally caused by 'just dinking around with it,' I really wasn't moving forward with the parts of my business that make money.

As we got better at the technology aspects of our online business, we also got really good at showing others how to do it all. We created audios, special reports and short 'how to' videos showing exactly what to do, and more importantly, how to do it!

And because we don't want you to have to experience the mind-numbing and dream-killing frustrations we ran into, we decided to make our discoveries and "how to do it" strategies available to you.

BBS Tutorials is Born!

BBS Tutorials is our collection of these tutorials and 'how to' guides, all in one place. Organized so that you can quickly and easily find the tutorial you need, when you need it. 

We'll cover technology and online business tasks such as:

And best of all, the Bronze level membership is free!

Sure, there will be some paid content available to you as well, if you need more in-depth support and guidance on a topic. Buy it if and when you need it.

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